VRay Render Dynamic Animations

VRay Render Dynamic Animations

A script to ease the process of rendering animations in VRay.

For dynamic animations (moving camera + moving objects) people often use an animation prepass (Irradiance Map + Lightcache) to compute the illumination, and then interpolate these irradiance maps to render the final image in a second pass. This is not easy to set up to render in one go (only with a little file rename cheating and Backburner), so you would normally have to wait for the prepass to finish and then start the final rendering manually. With this script, you don’t have to. You can just start the rendering when leaving the office and it will do all steps automatically.

vrayRenderDynAnim MAXScript from Christoph Bülter on Vimeo.

Download “vrayRenderDynAnim” vrayRenderDynAnim18.ms – Downloaded 1896 times – 423 kB

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