Interactive Universal Renamer

Interactive Universal Renamer

NEW VERSION: Asset Paths + Sorting + Filtering + Multiselection


I guess every person dealing with rigging and MAXScript has to write a renaming script once in his life. I have tested at least half a dozen existing ones before I wrote my own. A key thing that is different from other similar scripts is the ability to see your name changes instantly while you type, giving it an interactive “text editor” feeling. A useful tool for maintaining name conventions in a complex Rig or scene, as well as quick file renaming, e.g. for numbering image sequences for import to Adobe Flash etc.
Hope you like it!

28/12/13:   Rewritten again to better separate model and functionality. New features include: Asset Paths can be renamed, Names can be filtered and sorted, only selected items in the list are renamed.

25/01/13:    Replaced the edittext field with a dotNet textbox with autocompletion (thanks to Nick Moutafis)

19/01/13:    Now finds all materials in scene and nested materials on selected objects, Shows No. of items in list, remembers last file path, fancy header image, Supported nested material types atm: Multimaterial, Blend, Shell, Compositematerial, Shellac, Shellac, DoubleSided, VRay2SidedMtl, VRayBlendMtl, VRayMtlWrapper, VRayOverrideMtl

18/01/13:    Rewrote almost everything, dumped most custom GUI elements, too much hassle when things change,  Added layers and materials, added scene/selection option for objects and materials, Added quick single renaming tool by doubleclicking an item in the list, Now only renames when name changed

23/09/12:   GUI stuff, MZP installer

20/09/12:   Some bug fixes, implemented s&r “All occurences” option

Installation is easy: Just drag & drop the .mzp onto your 3ds Max viewport (or use MAXScript -> Run Script) and add the macro script (category: Buelter) to a menu/toolbar/quadmenu/shortcut afterwards.

Download “interactiveRenamer” InteractiveRenamer_2014-04-17_2.01.mzp – Downloaded 7404 times – 30 kB

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